Where can I find a retail version of BenQ DW1640



I want the included software and stuff cause I’m stupid and lazy and don’t want to download it all…

Where can i get the retail version?


Dont be a goober, Newegg comes with nero for $45 or so why bother?


Why? because you get the BENQ stamp on the front face :smiley:


My local Microcenter has grey retail boxed 1640’s for $60.


I have two 1640’s a retail and an OEM, both have the Benq label on the front. The faceplate is different on both models though. The retail has a more contoured xurface whereas the OEM is flat but the Retail has a very thin eject button and the OEM button is much wider and therefore nicer to press.


There is no BenQ logo on my OEM DW1640. UK here. I guess you are US.


Ditto! Get the newegg OEM. If you have Nero then get the $40 special this weekend. Mine should be here on Thurs.


No Benq logo on my 1 month old 1640 from Newegg, i could care less…


Budman! You will like this!



If you need your quick fix and happen to have one in your area, you can pick it up at MicroCenter.


yodabeesh! I will be TDY up at Heardon! Not sure of spelling for an advanced Math class near Dulles Airport. Any Micro centers near there?


Yes, There is a MicroCenter in Fairfax County about 12 miles from the Airport…


Hey ETP… here’s the addy for the MicroCenter in Fairfax: Pan Am Plaza
3089 Nutley Street, Fairfax, VA 22031.

Directions to MicroCenter

If you don’t mind the drive, its totally do-able. Be warned – traffic in this area sucks! My house is half-way between MicroCenter and Herndon. When will you be in Herndon? (What’s TDY?!)

I’ll be out and about today; if I pass by MC, I can check to see what they have in stock. Last wknd they had quite a lot.


Try Circuit City they had them for 79.99 with a 30.00 rebate.


Hi alan1476,

That DEAL @ CC was only for a one week sale !!!

The DW1620 is back to $89.99 (No Rebate).
The DW1640 is no longer listed ONLINE.
The 2 CC by me only have the DW1620 NOW.


They still have them at the Eatontown NJ store.


Has the price gone up and is the rebate gone ???
The DW1620 is also priced @ $89.99 On-Line !!!


Same price same rebate. They only have 2 or 3 on the shelf but they probably have more in the back.


You could just take a marker and write it yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can tell you the $10 BenQ Rebate and the $20 CC Rebate was only good between 8/21-8/27.