Where can I find a reatail nec 2510a?

I have been looking everywhere and I cant find one? Newegg only sells OEM Bulk but I rather want Retail. Thanks :slight_smile:
I bought a NUTEch DDW082 burner that stopped working aftre a few wekks. Good thing that Newegg refunded me the full $79.99 so I got some money to send :slight_smile:

i dont’ think nec’s drive is selling as retail in the US. I think in england or europe, it’s selling as retail.

okay. All those OEM Drives are guaranteed to work right.

NEC themselves do not sell the ND-2500A or ND-2510A drive in a retail package in North America.

For a retail package, you can buy from one of the companies that repackages the drives.

One is the Mad Dog Multimedia dual layer media drive. It is a rebranded NEC ND-2510A drive. I think CompUSA had them for like $99 after rebate.

Or you can pick up the TDK 882N drive once it hits stores. It too is the NEC ND-2510A drive. Not sure when TDK is releasing it though.

ofcourse they are, if they are not guaranteed to work they wouldnt be selling it and offering a year warranty, right.

so the Mad Dog Multimedia dual layer media drive is just as good as the normal drive?

Wow I just checked the price. I think might just have to buy the OEM then

OEM drives still have a warranty. The only minor drawback can be the lack of software and cable. In my experience, no software bundled with a drive was attractive enough to use. :frowning: So I don’t really care. In terms of quality, I don’t really think being retail improves anything.

Newegg sells two versions of 2500 and 2510 (with/without software) and you can add a 80 wire cable with 2$ more, if that is your primary concern.

in this thread according to someones post there will be a sale at officemax next week for the mad dog drives

nice. Ok since I used to have a DVD Burner andf it stopped working, Im thinking that maybe the cable had something to do with it.

Can the cable mess up the burner? The cable is a few inches too long so I had to fold it up.

well the maddog comes with a 2 year warranty from MDMM so i would say it better be good :slight_smile:

the “bundle” that came with mine was nero express oem and a sheet of instructions on downloading wimp9 for dvd playback. no cable or media. but for 49.99 AR and 2 yr warranty i am not the least concerned about that.

on your cable ? the wires in ata-5 cables are supposed to be parallel especially in the higher speed cables because there is an insulator/ground wire between each data wire. having all the wires in close prox means there may/could/will be crosstalk or dirty data which could cause issues. dvd burners are no where near pushing the limits of regular 40 wire ata-3 cables so it may or may not cause an issue. myself i never buy things for looks when it comes to computers… and round cables are for looks unless you have a windtunnel inside your case.

I’ve ordered 5 of these drives from Newegg including 1 as a refurbished model and all of them have performed beautifully.

Microcenter has the Mad Dog dual layer DVD writer for $69.99 after mail-in rebate.


I just received the NEC 2510a Burner :slight_smile:
Installing it was very easy and now Im going to start to download the updated firmwares

I use these same type of “enhanced airflow” IDE cables in my system.
I have no issues whatsoever under normal conditions.