Where can i find a philips sdvd 8820 driver?

I have been searching the internet for a few days now and I cant find the firmware for my philips ±Rw sdvd 8820. Could some one please let me know where to find it?


try http://www.storageupdates.philips.com/en/dvdrw.html


Thanks for the website, but the driver was not there. Do you know of any other sites that may have it?

You mean firmware. Drivers are something else. Have you also checked the subsections on that site (there are some)? If you were not successful, you may ask Philips support using their “contact” form. Their support was very kind and helpful, when I had a question.:slight_smile:

If you don’t mind using inofficial firmware, you may also check rpc1.org website.


Have you searched on the site where your laptop is from, Dell etc.?

I’ve been searchning for firmware to enable bitsetting on my Philips SDV8820 but can’t find it anywhere. Can’t find on Dell site where the laptop came from.