Where can I find a free windows 2000 o/s download?

I had to reformat my gateway computer, lost my O/S.
Where can I go to get a free windows 2000 O/S, for a fresh dowload. I have seen several similar posts on this site, but when I go to the links, I can not figure out how to find my download.

Thanks, to all

Did you try the M$ site itself?? Also if you kept your receipt they will be able to help you get a new copy or win2k. Beyond that I think what your asking is a touchy subject of copyright but a MOD could clarify this more. Also Did you have like a recovery cd/dvd for restoring the O/S back to the HDD? Or did you separately purchase the O/S by itself and if you did you should’ve have the cd/dvd to reinstall it? And if you got it second hand well that might means you will have to go and buy a copy to use it cause each copy comes with it’s own keys or serials and again that goes into copyright territory something we can’t help with only M$ can help you with that.

As far as I am aware, there is no legal download of Windows 2000 available from Microsoft, or anyone else for that matter.

If you still have the code of authenticity sticker on the computer, then you have a legal right to use the operating system on that computer. In the past, you could get a replacement disk, or restore disk from Gateway, but Windows 2000 may be too old now for them to offer such services.

As long as you have the legitimate license for the operating system, its my understanding that Microsoft doesn’t really care where you get the install disk. But the members and staff at this site cannot advise you to look for unauthorized downloads of the operating system.

Hi and Welcome![QUOTE=JAB123;2483900]I had to reformat my gateway computer, lost my O/S.[/quote]No install disc or recovery partition?

Where can I go to get a free windows 2000 O/S, for a fresh dowload.
from nowhere. Like all MS operating systems, W2k is not available as download. I strongly advise not to use a pirated copy from a torrent site (or whatever), since these are likely infected with trojans and other crap.

You may contact Gateway support if you can purchase an install disc.

Another option would be buying a pre-owned install disc (make sure, it’s genuine) from ebay or so.