Where can I find a DVR-112

Since Newegg is apparently lying about having a DVR-112, where can I find one?

I ordered two of them from Newegg last week, and they’ve already arrived. I ordered two more last night without any problems. Looks like they have both the beige and black in stock right now, too.

According to people here Newegg only has the 112D and I need the 112 (no D). I must have DVD-RAM support.

@ Gooberslot,

Both of the below Forum postings describe how to crossflash Pioneer DVR-112D to DVR-112L which provides DVD-RAM Burning capabilities.

Two weeks ago I got my DVR-112D from NewEgg and flashed to DVR-112L and haven’t had any problems. It’s going to be sometime before the Pioneer DVR-112 is available in USA.



Below is a download link to a Firmware flashing package provided by Forum Member koba. The package contains flashing instructions.



I knew about crossflashing but if you do it then you lose warranty coverage which was why I was trying to avoid it.

Where abouts are you in the world. ???

Im in the UK, and if you need them i can give you probably 10 links to it over here. :smiley:

Just use Google and select it to your own contry , it should pick up some retailers with stock. :bigsmile:

Good luck with your search mate.

About 95% of us willingly void our warranties. I don’t believe I have ever hear of anyone who’s had a problem.

All DVR-112 in the US are DVR-112D or OEM version of the drive.You will not find retail dvr-112 in the US you will have to cross flash to add DVD-RAM to the drive i have two dvr-111d crossflash to dvr-111L and one DVR-112D cross flash to DVR-112L they all work perfect.so can go ahead and get the dvr-112D for newegg and crossflash the rish is very low

so can go ahead and get the dvr-112D for newegg and crossflash the rish is very low

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Once crossflashed is there a way to re flash them to the official firmware?

I’m not really concerned with the danger of crossflashing but instead with the danger of it breaking a week after I crossflash. This is doubly so after I found out it’s RoHS compliant. :a

If the drive is broken you cannot use or reflash it, of course.
So, why the question of flashing back??