Where can I download music legally on the internet?

I want to know is there anywhere on the internet that I can legally download music and pay for it with my credit card?

itunes is the most famous, however you can also use napster

You can go to <a href=‘http://www.online-precision.com’>Download Music</a> for spyware-free and virus-free versions of all the best download software you can handle. There is a one-time fee to set up but no per-song fees ever and there are literally millions of movies, music, games, tv software files available. Also Media Player, Antivirus Software, Adware Removal Software, Pop-up Blocker, Firewall Software plus you’ll even be able to copy your movie to a CD that will play in any standard DVD player.
Remember, sharing is not illegal as long as you obey all relevant copyright laws. You can get more info here" http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/sharealrt.htm and http://www.copyright.gov/

I had a look at Download music as mentioned above and it looked just like the type of site to avoid which has been mentioned on this forum, ie it won’t let you browse until you sign up, I think I will leave this one well alone.

in addition to not being able to browse until you sign up, a single set up fee is another sure sign of a site to avoid. most reputable sites will offer per song or per album deals or “bundle” type deals…not a flat fee for all you can dl. if you think about it for a second a flat fee makes NO sense at all.

Could you give an example of what tools this website provides when you log on? To me, this looks like a scam as the site will now allow the visitor to browse the music, video or software libraries without being forced upon a sign-up screen.

As a general rule, if the site does not allow the user to browse its music library, the site itself has nothing to offer besides hiding links to file sharing websites, which the user could easily have in a minute by Googling about and the same with useful looking software that is already freeware.

You have to remember there is no free ride. You can search the web for free copies of kazaa or limewire or bearshear or gnutella or grokster or bittorrent but when you get them for free you WILL get spyware and viruses that will slow down your computer. Going to a site like <a href=‘http://www.online-precision.com’>Download Music</a> will cost a little upfront but it will get you spyware-free and virus free versions of these download programs. There is also antivirus software, antispyware software, registry repair, adware remover, spyware remover and software that will allow you to copy movies to a cd that can be played in a dvd player. There are also [U]detailed intsructions[/U] on how to find songs, rip them, burn them, organize and play your files. Also available are movies, tv shows, games, music, software. Of course what I did before this kind of service was available was download the spyware and virus laden free version of kazaa and then search for and download the spyware and virus free paid version then let me computer get infected. Then I saved the good version on a disk and restored my computer to the way it came out of the box using the restore cs and then reinstalled the good copy of kazaa. No problems there but I lost all the data on my computer in order to do so. There is a small fee
to join <a href=‘http://www.online-precision.com’>Download Music</a> but it seems worth the small price to avoid the hassles I originally went through. Now I get all the files I want (even porn - yes its there) but I don’t download stuff thats obviously copyrighted and be sure to turn off the feature allowing others to upload from you machine.

Have you actually tried this software yourself? I would be interested to see how you got on.

Don’t know if you’re looking only for popular music, but I’ve bought and sold quite a few mp3’s at Broadjam.com, they’re an independent music site. You can sign up for free too.


I’ve used this service. <a href=‘http://www.online-precision.com’>Download Music</a> includes adware and spyware-free versions of k-LitePro, BitComet,
and Ares. Included also is Limewire, Morpheus, Soulseeker, Azureus, Bearshare, eMule, eDonkey, Sharezaa and iMesh. If you can’t find what you’re looking for between all these then it doesn’t exist. Also detailed instructions on how to download and then burn to CD help tremendously. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

this is the hallmark of an illegal scam.

they are linking you to torrent programs. you are not paying for any data…they’re just taking your money. you could download those torrent programs on your own and have access to all the same (illegal) files that you have access to under this website.

basically you gave them money to do what millions do for free every day. if you are downloading commercial movies or music through this service then you are illegal downloading this content.

what you do is your own business, but I thought I’d point out that this service is NOT legal. the original poster is looking for legal download alternatives.

Ipod is a great source for legal music / videos. I don’t have an Ipod so I use Sony my connect. The prices are the same and I like the fact that if you have a HDD crash and have to redo all of windows my connect music store allows you to redownload your purchased music at no extra cost. Plus toy can buren to a cd if you want to just like itunes.

I think GregCruz works for DownloadMusic lol :iagree: :iagree:

get limewire free software and then use the freeware system of limewire to download the limewire pro , and then walla, free music within your grasp all do to a free system
and don’t tell me you can’t I’m living proof you can not saying how much I’ve downloaded because I don’t trust chat rooms or message boards any more riaa has snitches and brown noses hid out under assume names in both .
that’s how bearshare got shut down , they had people in their under nicknames and boom they got people for just them bragging on how much music they’ve downloaded .

yahoo unlimited, rhapsody, napster and other unlimited subscriptions for $5-10 a month are the best option. and if you don’t have a compatible player or want the music for archive, but tunebite for $18 and then you can play your music on any player. i signed up for yahoo at $5/mo and its been awesome. up to this point its been 10 months, so thats $50 and i’ve downloaded about 25-30GB of music and found a lot of new music. i don’t listen to popular music, so they don’t always have everything, but for they do have a lot of indie stuff. also, download speeds are always fast and on demand - legal, no waiting, good quality, no corrupt files, viruses, etc…

<a href=“http://freemusic.online-precision.com”>Download Music</a> has been updated. 100% FREE access to the following:
<li>Xolox Ultra
<li>Kazaa. Looks like an ad supported site now. Go ahead and check it out cuz it’s 100% FREE now

www.bleep.com and www.indemusicshop.com offer legal downloads without digital restrictions management, the first one is kinda expensive though, and for the second one, you must know at least some french

My favorite site for downloading music is www.allofmp3.com.

Just do a search here on CDFreaks and you will find several very long threads on the legalities of this site, but for the money and the quality you can not beat it. Average is around $2.00 for an album.


Since russian copyright laws will change in september (afaik), all those threads might be outdated soon…

Best semi-legal site on the net.