Where can I download firmware 043?

I have had very poor luck with getting my drive to burn at 4x correctly. At first I was told my media was not supported so I ordered Ritek G04 and now after another unsuccessful attempt at 4x recording, I have been able to track down a couple of messages here indicating that you must use fw 043 in order to burn at 4x correctly.

The link on this site seems to only point to version 048 regardless of what firmware revision I choose. The only 043 I have found is off the dangerous brothers website and this did not seem to fix my problem with 4x recording. Can anybody point me to a working 043 fw file or perhaps send it to me by email? Your help is much appreciated. This recorder has been a constant struggle so far but I feel I am very close to realizing success.

you can find it here

that writer is the same as btc 1004 and that firmwire works fine on my btc 1004.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.