Where can I download drivers for ASUS CD-S480/A5 and HP DVD writer 640b

Hello Everybody,
My parents recently bought me a new HP a820n that comes with Windows XP Home Ed. and bundled software customized for HP. It comes with 2 optical drives. The first one is a CD-ROM drive with the name ASUS CD-S480/A5 as it says in Device Manager. While the second one is a DVD Writer with the name HP Dvd Writer 640b. I am going to format my C: drive and upgrade to a fresh copy of Windows XP Pro, but before I do that I’m backing up everything. All I need are the software drivers for those 2 drives. I have searched exhaustively and can’t seem to find anything. Please if someone could provide me a working link to a driver download that would be nice :slight_smile: .

                           Thanks in advance,

XP pro should have any drivers you need.

Thanks ricoman, I would like to have download the drivers themselves. Since XP Pro was made in 2002 while my computer just came out in 2004, drivers for Pro will not recognize my drive. I tried searching the Hp and Asus for drivers but they’re not there. More answers people…please…

xp uses native drivers that work for cd/dvd drives. if u insist on backing up all drivers before installing xp pro

THanks very very much for this suggestion. You’re right on. Consider this a closed thread.

help, I need driver updates for asus cd-s480/a5

None of you need drivers for your CD devices.