Where can I download a Call of Duty uo ver.1.41 patch? for free

:frowning: I used Google and the results were not what I was looking for. Maybe if you could tell me where I can find it…? thank you.:bow:

A simple google search yields they are up to patch 1.51 and 1.51b which fixes many problems since the ver 1.41 you are seeking.

Any particular reason you want 1.41?

:bow: Reason: A lot of my friends still have 1.41, but because I have a different version, I can’t join the same server. Please tell me you got a site which I can download it from. (I’m in South Africa)

PC specs: Mecer Xtreme Case
Runs on Windows XP Home Edition sp2
512mb RAM
120gig IDE Harddrive
Sony DVD-RW Drive
No grapicscard, onboard chipset does what a gforce 2 does
Floppy disk drive
P4 3.0GHZ prosessor
ADSL internet
And the pc is 5 years old and never had any upgrade.

I expect patches to be available from Activision. In case you have trouble to get them from their servers contact their customer support for help.


Thank you, will try that.

No use, they gave me 2 sites, but only 1.51 is on there… :rolleyes:
Doesn’t help. :confused:

Dehan :smiley:

I’ve just read the following regarding v1.51:

Q: Will this work with version 1.41 servers ?
A: To change the version just go into ur uo folder and find the version.ini file and change 1.51 to 1.41

I don’t have CoD:UO so no idea if this can work at all.

:frowning: nope
Didn’t work.

I tried that too. It doesn’t work.
I also need to have patch 1.41 for COD UO (I have 1.51 now) and I don’t know how to downgrade it.

The reason why I need that??? Very simple. There are more servers for 1.41 than 1.51 version and since I love play it online, I really need to downgrade the game to 1.41 version.

During install it doesn’t ask you if you want to upgrade it to 1.51, it just does that, so I can’t stop it.
I hope if I find the 1.41 patch and overinstall it in the same directory it wil downgrade the game.
The problem is I can’t find the 1.41 patch anywhere…
So the question still remains: does anybody know where to find it?

Michael’s answer in Post #4 remains as well :wink:
Already tried to ask Activision customer support for help ?