Where can I buy these?



Where can I buy these???

Does anyone know where I can buy CD cases like these?
Any links to sites / companies that sell these would be appreciated.


Well, I don’t know myself, but it would be helpful if you included you’re location so other users could give you relevant choices.


Well, I do have internet access and most companies sell over the internet these days so I was kinda hoping that being in Texas wouldn’t make any difference.

I planned on having them shipped in via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or even USPS.
Most any company that sells these should be able to handle this.


You’re aware that we have members from all around the world, aren’t you? :wink: - many companies don’t ship overseas.

That’s why we ask for the location, indeed any US company should be OK in your case, but not one from, say, Germany or Australia… :wink:

As for this very model, sorry I can’t help.


I’ve ordered numerous items from oversees, depending on where there are and the exchange rate…but, OK.