Where can i buy the latest gamez in the U.S.?



I think it sucks that p.c.- gamez are 2 months later in the store in holland then they are in the states!!!

Can anybody recommend a good u.s. dealer with the latest gamez???



I buy them in thailand 10 guilders each for a game on pressed cd’s, including cd covers.

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Thats cool!!!
where can i find this site???


the site is more expensive than the shop but it saves you the air-fare.btw i’m going again in 3 months time orders anyone

tel number: +66 38 723488
fax number: +66 38 723489

might be better to fax them first and ask them to fax a list back it would be more up to date.




Why not order at at dutch dealer, and let them ship with PRIORITY than they are in USA within 2 till 3 weeks!!

TL 46 Silver CB 48 Silver Blade 6 Silver all available now!




suppose this one will have to go to the advertise section…