Where can I buy the A11XL?



Is it released in the states yet?


Only in Japan and Asia… Maybe Australia too?!


What kind of timeline are we looking at for the states or is it simply not coming here?


I bought A11XL about 3 weeks ago on Ebay, from Hongkong seller, full retail version in box with software, manual, and cables. Shipping to US was very quick - 4 business days. Price little high - I payed $95 plus $24 for shipping. Burner works great, very quiet, excellent scans, my opinion - it is worth the money I payed for.


Does the quiet drive utility actually come with it yet?


To be honest I really dont think there will be a seperate quiet drive utility anymore. Pioneer lists it as even coming with the 111D. My guess is its built into the firmware and there is no changing it.


Can confirm they are in Aus.