Where can I buy Taiyo Yuden, Blank Media?



I am in Colorado, I Have’nt seen it anywhere around, is it available in the USA??? I want to try this Blank media out, I’m currently using Phillips DVD-R+
I - 8x 4.7 gb 120 Min …

Now I have had pretty good succes with Phillips and have gotten 2 good deals on 50 dvd’s 2 different times, only a few copies had a skip or 2, played On MY Sony HOME DVD, 99% of the copies have been Awesome, but a few copies that played well on my home sony would’nt play on other family NON sony DVD players or computers…

I’m trying to learn why this is??? Can someone explain, And PLEASE list the BEST blank Media available in the USA?? and again, is Taiyo Yuden available here in the US??? I also hear a certain verbatim brand of blank media is VERY good also…

Thanks and I know this is a question that will get a few different responses, but I’d like some feedback on the above…




The absolute best place to get “A” Grade Taiyo Yuden is at www.rima.com

They are an excellent vendor with superior customer service and very reasonable prices and shipping costs-

They are a direct distributor for Taiyo Yuden and you can check ther customer comments at www.resellerratings.com

Happy Burnin’



other sources for Taiyo-Yuden media include FujiFilm branded discs manufactured in Japan (look for small print near the UPC bar code). Best Buy is a good source for these, and often has the 25, 50, or 100 count spindles on sale.

Maxell media is another good source of Taiyo-Yuden (though there is a chance you will get Hitatchi-Maxell’s own brand of media, which is also excellent quality).

I should note, sony set-top DVD players are incredibly picky when it comes to playing back recordable media. (A family member has a sony player, and if you do a bit of reading over at www.videohelp.com you will find many people who share this opinion).

In truth, there is no all-in-one “best” media, as the media itself is only one factor in having good playback. Different recorders work better with different media, a player may work with one type of media when it recorded with a specific burner, but may choke playing back the disc when recorded by a different burner.

Your best best is to try small quantities until you find something that works for you. MCC (Verbatim), RICOH (TDK, Maxell, Fuji), Taiyo Yuden (Maxell, Fuji, TDK - made in japan), and Hitatchi-Maxell (Maxell Made in Japan) are a few starting points.

Keep in mind when buying branded media, you are never “guaranteed” to get a specific manufactured disc (Fuji - Made in Taiwan can also be Prodisc, Maxell - Made in Taiwan can be RICOH or RITEK).


Best Buy has the 100pk of FujiFilm on sale this week for $40 plus tax. I got some myself.


so did i and my first disc turned out terrible ( http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=138723 ) well at least on the scans, it plays fine and everything.

but hopefully it was because of my mistake in not having the WOPC disabled, and hopefully, praying to god i didnt get a bad batch as i have 99 left


>Maxell media is another good source of Taiyo-Yuden (though there is a chance you will get Hitatchi-Maxell’s own brand of media, which is also excellent quality)

I thought Maxell moved away from TY ages ago - more likely to get Ritek dye now.