Where can I buy RiDisc in USA?

Anyone know a good place to buy RiDisc double layer hub printable DVDs from within the USA?

Have you had good success with those? What brand/model burner do you use?

I havent tried em yet. I want them because they’re the only hub inkjet printable dual layer DVDs i could find. Hopefully they dont have any logos on them. I looked around and I could only find stores selling them in the UK. Im using a HP dvd 940

Is having a pretty picture on your DVD worth more than a quality burn and better longevity? If so, go here.

RiDisc sells mostly B-Grade discs, so don’t bother with them.

You don’t want to. It’s simple. :wink:

Stick to good brands like Verbatim. :slight_smile:

You can’t buy those RiDisc discs in the USA. You could import from England/Europe, but I bet the shipping would kill you.

The question regarding the availability of hub-printable DVD+R DL has been asked multiple times before, see the printing and labeling forum or these threads:

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R DL is available in a hub printable version, but it’s around $3-4 per disk:
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Dual Layer 8.5GB 8X White Inkjet Hub Printable, Tape Wrap
Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R DL, Inkjet White Hub Printable DL-R85WPP600SK8

I’d echo what the other forum posters have said and would recommend to drop your hub-printable requirement, and go for some more reliable discs like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim for your inkjet printable DL discs.

Do the Taiyo Yuden hub printable DL discs have any logos on them at all? I dont want to buy 100 of em and find out they have logos. Why dont more companies produce DL hub printable DVDs, or glossy DL’s? thanks for your help fellas.

Unless you’re very sure that DVD-R Dual Layer is right for you, I would avoid them for Video use because the compatibility with DVD players is far inferior to the competing DVD+R Double Layer format.

Taiyo Yuden only makes the DVD-R DL and not DVD+R DL, and AFAIK they are not well supported in many DVD burners.

I’d go for some DVD+R DL instead, preferrably Verbatim but I’m not sure what printable versions are available in the US.