Where can i buy real Taiyo Yuden dvds in Europe?



where can i buy real Taiyo Yuden dvds in Europe?


In UK you can get them from www.svp.co.uk , unfortunately they’re not that cheap


have a look at www.opusshop.de , they currently have the Fuji 8x for sale which carries the media code YUDEN000T02.


And if you happen to be in a shop, look for Fuji DVD-R (Made in Japan) or Verbatim DVD-R (Made in Japan). These are Taiyo Yudens.



They have also printable ones.



www.nierle.com , Verbatim “Pastel Disc” (TY) DVD+R/-R 4X, 5 Slim Pack.


And Maxell 4X DVD+R or DVD-R made in Japan are also Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:


The Fuji discs at Opusshop.de seem to have sold out but they now have Hyundai TY discs at 19.50 euros for 50, does anyone know if these are genuine?


My bad. I just checked the Fake TY Media thread, and what do you know, there they are!

Keep up the good work bargain hunters.