Where can I buy quality CDRs at a good price?

I bought a stack of TY 100 value cdrs from shop4tech and almost every cd had small dents in them. As if somone poked it with the tip of a pin. I ruined the dye on the writing side as well. Those were the cheapest I could find. The only TY that are good that I can think of are the multi colored fujifilm at my local frys. But they arent exactly cheap. Can someone tell me of another brand or another place that has quality CDRs? By quality i mean can survive the test of time.

Sorry man, but IMHO buying value line TY CD-Rs is just dumb. They save you precious little over the premium stuff and are more prone to ending up like that. www.rima.com. 52x CD-R 100 packs. Should be less than $30 shipped.

It would help other users of the board if the person posing the question mentioned in his post if they are looking in the US, Europe or where ever? Then the responses would be more meaningful or perhaps it should be compulsory to have the country of origin with the join date and board name?

@Jesterrace: let’s be friendly with newcomers please… No need to call that a “dumb” move. I think you are able to make your point without resorting to such wording. :wink:

@Majitsu: Jesterrace’s advice is, nevertheless, good advice. The best way to be sure you get quality TY media is to buy it from a reputable source, like Rima.com. :iagree:

Majitsu mentioned shop4tech, so he’s likely in the US. That shop should sell the regular TY CD-Rs in addition to the value line.

Yes, US is correct, I forgot this is an international board. Well I ordered from rima so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Considering the positive feedback about Rima from many die-hard TY users on this board, I bet you’ll be satisfied. :slight_smile:

Sorry franksoy. Sometimes I just get carried away when I see stuff like that. :lol:

I noticed… :wink: - next time just think that I’m lurking around, it will help I guess… :bigsmile: LOL

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