Where can i buy old jewel case software?

does anyone know of a good place to buy old jewel case or retail box software/games in british columbia canada?

as long as it’s pc software or games, no matter how bad or old it is, so long as it’s old, i’d thank you a billion times if you would be so kind as to point me to such wonderous place of tresures.

i remembered seeing an old copy of interplay’s descent for the dos in a brand new box, i passed up on the chance to buy it, and i i regret it forever.

so please, if you know of a place to buy old software and games, boxed or cased ones, as long as they’re old or look old, pelase tell me where to buy them, i thank you for your kind and generous help, thank you.

I’ve found that thrift stores are a great place to find old pc games. Another would be in used book stores. Also check out rubbish sales and flea markets. I regularly purchase old games and apps for my kids to learn the basics and to show them how software has evolved.