Where can I buy "Made in Taiwan" Verbatim UltraLife Archival Grade DVD-Rs/CD-Rs?



Hello guys! This is my first post on this forum.:smiley: I desperately need your help on where I can get “Made in Taiwan” Verbatim UltraLife DVD-Rs and CD-Rs (Archival Grade)? I went to Micro Center near my house, but all of their UltraLife blank media were made in UAE. I also went to Fry’s but they don’t carry them. So I just don’t know where else to go from here.:confused:



First off Welcome to the forum Cherub.

The Made in UAE is just as good if not even better than the Made in Taiwan Verbatim
I personally would get the MUAE disc’s over the MIT disc’s any day of the week. :iagree:


Hi getit29! I’ve heard that these MUAE UltraLife blank media are made by FTI Falcon, which is okay, and the MIT ones are made by CMC, which is just slightly better than the FTI Falcons and much more desired. Could you please explain why you would prefer the MUAE discs over the MIT?



OK let me explain the last few spindles I’ve received that were MIT were not all
that great they had very high PIE and PIF totals and spikes not what you’d expect
from Verbatim. The MUAE disc’s that I’ve tried have a much, much, lower PIE and PIF
totals and very low 1 or 2 spikes on PIF where as the MIT disc’s were hitting up-words
of 4 or 5 and even higher PIF spikes and causing some playback problems. :doh:


Thank you for your insightful explanation getit29! So, would you recommend this Verbatim UltraLife Archival Grade DVD-Rs/CD-Rs for storing very important data? I’m choosing this because of its metal AZO dye and dual layer technology (part silver, part gold).

On a different note, I notice that one of your burners is NEC/Optiarc brand. I have a Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7230S DVD+/-RW burner, which came with my Dell XPS 730X system. Since you seem experienced with and knowledgeable about burning and testing burned discs–which is hinted by your six burners–I would like to ask you your recommended burning speed for my AD-7230S drive? I’ve read from other posts that to always burn at half the rated speed, which in the case of UltraLife 8x DVD-R is 4x. Does this also apply to UltraLife 52x CD-Rs? I also read that the standard scanning speed for NEC/Optiarc drives is 5x.



AD-7230S is an OEM drive, most likely a crippled version of AD-7240S (a good burner).
Yes, MIUAE and MIT Verbies should both be good choices. You can burn 8x media at 8x, 16x media at 12x and that would most likely yield excellent results. Me personally, I burn CD-R at 40x or 32x. :slight_smile:


Thank you kg_evilboy for joining in to help me know more about my burner and reassuring me that MIUAE “Verbies” are good blank media–just good right, not excellent? :wink:

Once I got my Verbatim UltraLife Archival Grade DVD-Rs, I’ll try to burn one at 8x as you suggested, and the other at 4x as what other people have suggested. After that, I’ll test them using Opti Drive Control, which I just learned about today.



Read the entire thread, I’ve given up, buying Verbatim must be like throwing a pair of dice. The Amazon customers who posted a review after purchasing UAE Verbatims might as well be howling at the moon. There is no consistency at all… My next purchase will be, of all things, a gamble (and I don’t like the odds). :frowning:


Actually both MIUAE and MIT Verbies are excellent media. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are looking for an alternative, you might try Taiyo Yuden media.
Most users have had good results with the 8x variant, I’m also happy with the 16x +R (YUDEN000 T03). In the c’t accelerated aging tests, Taiyo Yuden 16x -R (TYG03) has shown a very good performance.

There are other discs (Ricoh, Sony etc.) that are usually ok too.


After reading this thread I am not sure if you are talking here about these Verbatim « DVD-R Gold Archival » which have a [B]double [/B]gold/silver [B]reflective layer[/B]
or about some other Verbatim DVD’s ?

I have some of these ones pictured below and they are Made in Taiwan [B]by Prodisc[/B]
serial: 8149E3421-08498W04
stamper: 2E0077-DVD-147C

The one I have are white printable and I bought them in Europe