Where can I buy LG GSA-H62L in Europe?

Hello pals and sorry for my English.
It is the first time I am posting a thread here.
I live in Athens, Greece and since I can not find the LG GSA-H62L SATA Super Multi DVD Burner, I am wondering if someone could help me and give me some contuct where to find it in Europe (I would prefer to have a shop’ s name and if possible adrees or tel. number or even e-mail). Otherwise even a site would be helpful.
It would be easier to get this product if I could find it in Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Paris, London, Rome (and Munich as well).

Thank you for your assistance and Regards from Athens

I see no reply yet. By the way I would like to inform you that checking the site of LGE I saw that from all coyntries in Europe only on their site for France they mention that this product is imported. The problem is to find which store in Paris has got this product from LG. Can somebody from Paris help ?

We have not any CD Freak from France (Paris would be better) in the Forum, to give me some information about this LG Burner ?

Maybe you should have this thread moved to the LG burner forum. Member [B]sverkalo[/B] in Athens has one, if you want to ask him. (I haven’t seen these yet in Belgian or German retail shops either.)

Thank you for the information and goodnight