Where can I buy half-decent 99-minute CDRs in US?



I know this is a heretical question, but I listen to downloaded live concerts that often have uninterrupted sequences longer than 80 minutes, and I do most of my listening in my car (I have a VERY long commute), so 90 and 99-minute CDRs work well for my immediate needs. The 90-minute Prodiscs are still available, but I can’t seem to find any 99-minute CDRs, other than some no-name brand from yesbuy.net (and their customer feedback is less than inspiring). Any suggestions? Thanks!


everyone in the USA buys from newegg.com - haven’t you heard ? :wink:
bring it you Yanks :wink:


Alas, I could find nothing at newegg larger than 80 minutes (save DVD-Rs, of course, but those won’t play in the car). )-:


will your car player play mp3 cds ?


use a sound editor audacity is great and free too

there are reasons for that see this thread


hi there
i know INFINITI based in the U.K make 99min cds in spindles but i dont know if they ship to the U.S you could always email them and ask… :iagree:

Infiniti® RS CDR 99min (25) (*** EOL ***) Premium quality, protective coated · Silver/silver · 99min / 900mb (856mb data) capacity · 48x compatible · Marked 32x · Multi Speed · 25 discs per pack in a strong protective ‘Compax’ with securely interlocked base and shell · Records up to 99min with required hardware/software ·