Where can I buy EW-167b in North America?



Hi, I have been looking for the model (or Sony 820U) recently but could not find any place selling it.

I would appreciate if anyone would let me know a possibale online store that carries this.


I still see Sony 820U in my local Walmart.

But any reason why do you want a EW-167B or Sony 820U? It is outdated and doesn’t have any special features.


Hi and thank you for the reply. I am looking for an external drive for my laptop that supports DVD-RAM. I just returned the Samsung SE-S184M which I bought last week because of some personal favour =)

Here in Kingston Ontario local Walmart has four 800U (lol)


Can you please elaborate “personal taste”. If it’s regarding the “look”, you might want to get the latest DRX-830U External which has the same look as the older DRX-820U and it also supports DVD-RAM.


Okay. last night I burned an image file of my matlab student version with the Samsung. After making sure the Daemon tools work I burned the iamge file on a TY CD-R. Later when I tried to verify the burning using Nero scan I got error messages when spinning up the drive. I then tried copying the file onto desktop but the drive kept spinning up and down (sounds like it has trouble reading the disc it just burned!). Afterwards the dialogue box shows “59 minutes remaining…”. Same things happened when I used another Verbatim AZO media. I tried later on a Liteon CD-ROM it works flawlessly.

I am not sure but I think 830U is another Samsung?