Where can I buy empty 100-disc cake boxes?!

It seems like they used to be a rather prevalent offering on most media sites, but I can barely find them anymore! I’m looking for roughly 10 100-disc cake boxes…Supermediastore has a single 100-disc cake box for sale, but I’d still like to know if anyone else still sells these things. This is completely ridiculous. I’m not ordering 700 jewel cases. Or dvd cases. I want quick, compact cake box storage! ARRRRRR!!!


Anyway, thanks for any sightings/listings in advance. You do have my gratitude. :slight_smile:

how many ru looking for and where are you?

I’ve ordered smaller, 10-disc cakeboxes from allmediaoutlet.com twice. They weren’t fast (took about a week each time, and I am in the same state) but the cakeboxes were good quality and made of nice, thick, sturdy plastic. Don’t count on colors matching what’s on the website, I’ve got grey bottoms the first time, and black bottoms the second time.


Ah! That’s what I’ve been looking for! I thought I checked AllMediaOutlet, but apparently not. This wouldn’t be an issue if the discs I ordered would come in them, but everybody’s getting cheaper now & they’re just shipping them shrink-wrapped, without even a spindle. It’s deplorable.

hehe, nice avatar, btw…kinda funny. :slight_smile:


Also if you order TY value discs from Supermediastore.com they offer a box for $1 more.


Anyone know a decent UK supplier?

I’ve got a full box of RiDisc sitting next to me…500 discs packed into 10 disc spindles (Sealed). Oh the joy :Z

Whoa!? so cheapo! How come? Is it real Japanese made? :Z

God, how am I supposed to buy cake boxes from meritline for 1$, if shipping would cost 75$!! :(( It’s not like we eastern europeans are exactly overwhelmingly rich or anything… :frowning:

Hmm I assumeing your talking cd-r’s because I wouldn’t use shrinkwrapped DVD recordables. Because it’s a perfect way to screw up the media.

Hmm are you talking shrink wrapped by the store themselves??
I know Ritek wraps some of their 50/100 pack discs in plastic but they also have hard plastic top and bottom supports.

does anyone know any media shop (with cake boxes) with eastern europe friendly shipping prices? :slight_smile:

http://www.os-mediatrade.de/ 30 kg for 24 € in EU.


Does it accept direct CC payment, or PayPal only? Cause PayPal isn’t available for Lithuania :frowning: (btw, it’s 14€, wiee!)

actually - forget it. they dont even ship to Lithuania. sheez, and we’re even EU member :frowning:

any other ideas?

Probally Fuerio overpriced webstore. Might have something. That’s www.feurio.de. And even if the country is not listed you probally get them to send it. However Feurio is expensive.
3.27 EURO for a 100 pieces cakebox and postage cost will still be high.

Hmm how much of these cakeboxes do you actually need ?

something like 3 25x, 3 50x, 3 100x or such.

Well with these small numbers shipping will probally will kill most of the deals in the old EU country’s. So maybe it’s best to look more local.