Where can I buy DVD+RW/-RW 4x in Canada?

How long does it usually take for a rewriteable DVD to burn 4.7GB and erase? What brand is the best to buy? Thanks.

try futureshop, they usually sell memorex dvd+rw and mitsumi DVD+rw for C$9.99 for a pack of 5. both their mediacodes are INFODISC. and if you live in Vancouver, (i used to live in Richmond.BC for 3 yrs but now i moved in NS) try those computer stores in bridgeport especially a-link computers because they have good prices.

Infodisc? I’ve never heard of that brand before. How’s the writing quality on it?

They have Ritek Ridata 4x DVD+RWs at http://www.blankmedia.ca. About a buck a disk. Very good media. Their 4x DVD+Rs are wonderful too and burnable at 8x.

Go to Staples and get the FujiFilm +Rw 4X in 5 pc cardboard boxes with jewel cases. The last time I got one of those, the box was mislabelled as Made in Taiwan, when in reality the discs inside had Made in Japan silkscreened right on the surface. Their were RicohJpnW##. (I can’t remember the exact digits so I put ## there.)

It takes about 15 min to burn @ 4X.

I think Staples is charging like $25 for 5 DVD’s. It’s awfully expensive…

I think it’s the discs that are mislabeled; all Ricoh media is made in Taiwan by Ritek.

Grand & Toy, and Radio Shack as well, carry Verbatim +RW and -RWs. They’re about $3 to $5 each, though. You usually can’t go wrong with those.

On my Plextor 712, they take about 30 minutes to fully format and under 2 to fully erase.

These days there also seems to be CMC ricoh manufactured media but that’s still Taiwan and -R only !
And there is the ultra small change that it’s actually Ricoh jpn manufactured media. If they made to much R&D media of good quality they will sell it.
However I agree that there probally mislabled because that last change is really small and that media most times end up directly on japanese market.