Where can I buy a Benq DW1640?

Any idea’s where I can buy a Benq DW1640? Or when the DW1650’s will begin to ship?

I’ve got an unopened Plextor PX-740A here from BB, but would rather save some money by taking it back and getting the real meal deal (Benq).

Your help is much appreciated.

there are a number of threads about availability of 1640s and what shops have the 1650s in stock over in the BenQ forum.

Newegg had a few! The rebaged PLEX is still around! But I would wait for the 1655! It is out in a rebag as we speak!

Shop4Tech.com has them in stock and is shipping as we speak, yes the retail BenQ 1655 Lightscribe for 69.99USD free shipping via UPS. They also have the oem for 5.00 cheaper.

Is it worth getting the 1655 over the 1650? I don’t plan to use Lightscribe, but I guess it could future proof me a bit more.


check the benq forum. all of this is discussed there. if you don’t find the answeres you’re looking for, posting in that forum will get you more specific responses then posting in a general forum.


I have a question can you change the book type on this drive without changing or flashing the firmware, thank you. Im talking about the BenQ 1655

sftx, i bought my 1640(retail) 2 months ago at microcenter. check at www.microcenter.com for their store locations.

The qsuite that the Benq’s use can set it for you. My Retail 1655 came preset for DVD-rom.