Where can I Buy 3500A?

I want to buy NEC 3500A because my Lite-on 451S@832S was dead. :sad:
Could somebody can give some suggestion where can I buy it?

Thank You :bow:

Australia, Argentina, Angola… where do you stay mostly?

I thought they stopped selling the 3500 since the 3520 is out.

I live in New Hampshire. USA
Thank you for your help


If your in USA - www.zipzoomfly.com has the 3500 for $70 shipped-

Better hurry the supply is getting shorter by the day-


Casper7, you know that NEC has also the 3520 and the to be released 3530 drive. Maybe wait a whill till they sell the 3530…or not?

Please no reply on which NEC drive is better, you can read that on this forum :slight_smile:

http://www.bananapc.com also has the 3500 in stock as well or at least they did. :slight_smile: You can check for other places with it in stock at http://www.pricewatch.com - quite a few still have a back-stock of the drive apparently, can even find the 2500A/2510A yet which I couldn’t quite believe. :slight_smile: hehe EDIT and Adding - seeing the 2500A again made me really tempted to buy another even at the price of todays DVD-Burners, that burner was just too good in terms of write quality on 4x and 8x DVD media and I do miss it but as well as the 3500/BenQ are working for me I guess I don’t have a need of it sigh Just nostalgic and missing my dear old friend. :bigsmile:

Thank You Very much.
I tried pricewatch to search, but the price is different with the web site. So I just want to ask anyone could recommand other web site for me.I got it.
Thaks a lot.
Have a good day!

Yo casper7-

What are you trying to say?

We gave you several sites-

I’m confused-


Thank you for the help.
I got a lot web site and I found out where to buy it.
I just want to say Thank You very much!

Out of stock at zipzoomfly.com

Got my 3500 at newegg.com three weeks ago.

They actually had it in stock, dap? I could’ve sworn they’ve been out of stock for the last month now but then it’s not like I check newegg everyday or anything. If I did my wallet will be kicking me…


Like I said - the 3500’s are in short supply - and if you want to get one you had better act now 'cause they’re going fast-

Like when I looked up them on zipzoomfly they were in stock and two hours later they were out-

And if you read the posts in pricewatch you see most of the 3500’s on backorder (which is a loser 'cause they aren’t making them anymore)-

I personally would call a vendor that shows them in stock and check to be sure - even to the point of reserving one-

Looks like there are more black faces than beige available on pricewatch-


Oh yeah, I went online christmas week and ordered it with free shipping, and got it first week in January. I’t burns like a madman and I’ve been very pleased with it.

I originally had two of the Nec 2500 drives, and kept one of them. I now have a Nec 3500, a Benq 1620, a Liteon 1213@1633, and the aforementioned Nec 2500. And I still use the Nec 2500 quite a bit – it burns the cheap media better than any of my other drives.