Where can find dvr-k16's firmware?

:bow: thanks~~

On any Pioneer support site, if there is a firmware for this drive…

Surely your drive is OEM, right?!?

I could’t register the product on pioneer support site
404error when I submit…
P.S.I bought it in ebay,so i don’t know whether it is OEM or not

Can you help me to register ?
I will give you the S.N.

Where did you try to register??


I also wait for it! on tdb.rpc1.org has 3 patch versions for it, but this website has down for half a month, anybody can ask them resume it back !!!

BS! It’s up and running. :a

NO, It’s still not work ,what you saw is those static state webpage, download can’t


The forum is temporarily offline. Predicted downtime is around 8 hours, until we sort out our database problems. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The rpc1.org administrators.

You talked about TDBs site, not rpc1.org!

And TDBs site is perfectly working, still.

OK, so can you help me download this link from TDBs


thanks a million

Read the download info at the top of their site!

Adjust your browser/firewall settings.

any guy can understand this content from : http://www.centerprise-distribution.co.uk/products/pioneer_product_Specs.asp

It also features performance adjusting firmware that automatically switches between performance mode during data extraction and quiet mode during Audio CD and DVD playback.

how to switch ???

The firmware decides about that, depending on the used media/content.

Great thanks to The Dangerous Brothers , you are really my GOD!!!