Where buy Benq1620 in Europe at decent price,please?

i’d be looking for reliable and not expensive european store where i could buy a Benq1620. Any tips or good experiences?

I had a look also on Ebay, but most of seller are from USA with high s&h costs, while the few european sellers seem auctioning as brand new burners that aren’t :frowning:

Hope somene can help.
Thanks a lot in advance

hey Shin_79, do you have any friends or relatives in the States cause Newegg’s got the 1620 Retail for $59 right now. you could get them to purchase it and send it for a bit cheaper than having the retailer ship it (or you could barter and tell that person you’ll send them a nice bottle of Chianti or Pinot Grigio :wink: ).

JES Computer sell it & ship to a variety of EU countries for €69

But if you go to BenQ Italian site you will see a link for where to buy so you should be able to find a store that sells them locally at least.

No friend of mine in the USA :sad: :sad:
i often think what you suggest when i see TY prices in your stores.
Anyway adding Airmail Parcel Post cost (13-14 usd,if i made right) to Newegg price, it wouldn’t come expensive !!

time to find some pen pals in the US Shin :wink:

i found a store near my home selling Benq 1620 for 59 € and it’s lowest price around.
Drpino if at moment you should have to pick up a benq wich one would you chose 1620 or would you wait for 1640?

Considering still high prices of Dual Layer media and also that the real difference is in the Dual layer speed burnings [from 4x to 8x] and in a little incresing of cd speed burning [from 40x to 48x], i’m in doubt…

that’s a good price Shin_79…i’m not the best person to ask as i’ve never owned a BenQ, but i would assume that the 1640 will be much more expensive once it arrives. all depends on your budget.

not sure of the flashing a 1620>1640 capabilities either…that may be a factor in your decision.