Where are my MCC 02RG20 made?



Hey guys,
I just have a quick question: i’m wondering who makes my Verbatim DataLifePlus 8X DVD-R discs (MCC 02RG20). I have heard you can tell who makes Verbatim DVD-R’s by interpreting the serial numbers on the hub.

Here are the serial numbers:

serial on the black/silver ring: ZC9742-DVR-147A
serial on the clear plastic centre ring: 4264E0821-05244C00
Unfortunately I can’t tell you if they’re MIT or MIS, because they were repackaged without an insert, but would anyone be kind enough to find out who made these?

Thanks a bunch!



Prodisc in Taiwan.


Thank You!


How do you tell by those numbers?


That’s a Prodisc serial number. They use two sets of numbers separated by a “-” for -R and a “+” for +R.


So what do the CMC made serials look like?


Take a look at any CMCMAGAE1 media.
The MCC02RG20 made by CMC will have similar serial numbers.


Sorry, no CMC media here unless my verb -R is.
I’ll check it and see.