Where are my keys?

hi to all
paid for the unlock keys for clonedvd more than a week ago. i,ve still received nothing from slysoft despite two messages to them has anyone else had this problem.
peace and love…sensibill

Are the emails getting caught up in your ISP’s spam filter or 3rd party spam filter, check your ISP’s webmail service.

I am having to sam problem please help

Do what was said above, or contact slysoft.com

@ sensibill & samj,

Perchance when you placed your order with SlySoft for AnyDVD/CloneDVD did you provide a valid confirmed working E-Mail address?

When you placed your order did you receive the “Thank You For Your Order" page? It is very likely that your order simply was declined. You should read what is written on the page after you have placed your order. If there is something like “Sorry, It Didn’t Work!” you shouldn’t expect to receive a Registration Key download link.

Do you have and type of Anti-Virus or SPAM filtering software programs installed? Many of these Anti-Virus or SPAM filtering software programs “Quarantine” E-Mails. Suggest checking your Spam/Junk folders. Registration Keys E-Mails sometimes end up there.

Also suggest that you check your Internet Service Provider Web Mail Inbox Message Center to ensure that your SlySoft E-Mail isn’t somehow “Stuck” there.

Also have you contacted your Credit Card provider and enquired if SlySoft has actually billed you for AnyDVD/CloneDVD? Their Telephone Number is on the back of your Credit Card. If SlySoft hasn’t billed you for AnyDVD/CloneDVD is a sure indication that something was flawed during the ordering process.

PS – As pointed out by Forum member Bjproc in another Forum posting please refrain from double posting.

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If you have not been presented with download links, your order was rejected. Bad credit card? You should read what is written after you placed your order.
If the order was rejected, you will not receive any email.

yes i did get the thank you for your order page and i have a order number…but there were no links listed to download the key like it say there is. as of yesterday the card had not been charged…emails to slysoft have not been answered. the email address is a hotmail with no filters turned on

hi all again
i have no spam filters activated on my email acct. what it said on my order confirmation was that my order had been received and would be dealt with manually. that was a week ago. and still no reply to two messages i sent from the slysoft web page

that is the same thing i got

This is the same problem I have having - got an order number and the message that the order was being processed manually. Emailed support a couple of days ago to find out what was happening as no key has been received and like other people here I have had no response to this email. I have checked my bank account and there has been no payment processed but feel I am in a limbo situation - do I reorder and then run the risk of being billed twice when they finally manually process the first order. Anybody else had this problem and how did you resolve it. Regards.

When I bought AnyDVD my Keys came within Hours. I am going to buy Clone after a quick two day trial. I should have bought the combo but you know, I already had a program I thought was good enough. Well I was wrong.

I ordered the trio and got my keys within 5 min couple days ago. No problems here.

Same here, just bought Clone today and recieved my key in minutes.