Where are drivers stored?

I need to reformat my computer, and I have lost most of my driver disks. Where can I find them on my computer, Im running Win 98 se. Also where can I find instructions on reformating?

Thanks much.

Try on mainboard internet site.

Another site is this

It’s probably easier to download the needed drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

what motherboard do you have and what graphic card? tell which and ill give you links,also do you have any pci cards? if so whats their company/model
winxp install guides

EDIT my bad will search for 98 install guides

ok found one
before you go on reinstalling you must format the os partition (usally c:) to do so boot from cd select “start computer without cd-rom support” when it will done loading youll see some message about a virtual drive letter that drive letter have several tools on it type the driveletter: and press enter and type this and press enter then click y
format c:
when done install as the guide shows,if this is abit too much complicated for you then download this win98se custom bootdisk
and just do the format command as above

note: all data on c: will be lost so youll better have your important data backed up to other partitions or cd/dvd medias or another hard drive

Thats the thing I dont know what kinda motherboard and so on. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS Is there where all drivers are? I have lots of drivers stored on my computer for lots of hardware ex: a usb hub, MD player, digital camera, printer, scanner, and lots more…

And where can I find an idiots proof on reformating.

PS: Im running a 56k connection so it would take me forever to find and download all the needed drivers

Thanks again.

Try this software; maybe can help you. It claim to do a backup of all drivers.

Simply copy all files on system32 directory is not a good method, because drivers must be installed, not somply copied on hard disc

look on EDIT2 in my previous reply,you should get broadband if its available in your area it wont cost you much more and it will be alot faster and not forever few hours at most

I find if you copy your windows\system32 folder and windows\inf folder, you can point the “Hardware Wizard” to the INF folder to get the correct INF, then when it wants the files, point it to windows\system32\drivers or system32\ or windows wain32\ and most of the DLLs etc. files are there. (THIS IS IF YOU ARE DESPERATE AND CANNOT FIND A PROPER PACKAGE ONLINE)

Well I followed the instructions givin to me about reformating and I cant get it to work. I put in my boot disk that I had and I put in the windows CD. I rebooted and selected “start computer without cdrom support” after a few seconds it comes up on the screen “A:” so Im commanding the a drive so I type “format C:” and it doesnt work it says “bad command or file name” I tried mulitple different ways I tried typying “C:” and then typing “format” and “format C:” while commanding the C drive. I also tried all of this under “start computer with cdrom support” and I still cant get it to work.

as i alredy said “when it will done loading youll see some message about a virtual drive letter that drive letter have several tools on it type the driveletter: and press enter and type this and press enter then click y
format c:” ,and again as alredy said if that method is too complicated for you then use the custom win98se bootdisk http://www.mbhs.edu/~jaosborn/boot98sc.exe
format will work with it without a problem,could work on the regular method too if youll just access the virtual drive letter that is displayed when it finishes booting

I dont know what your refering to about virutal drive letter? When I select “start computer without cdrom support” nothing comes up at all just “A:” thats it. Im currently running win98se on this computer but i will be putting win98first editon on it, i dont have the disc for 98se anymore.

so your saying that after you select “start computer without cdrom support” you dont see anything new on screen before it reaches to a:\ ? no way
there is a .cab file that have system tools on it such as format.com when you boot with/without cdrom support it expands it to a temporary virtual ramdrive the drive letter for it is displayed before that “a:”

regardless to which os you have installed or not you can still use that bootdisk without any problem and you dont need the win98se cd for it

Well I tried again. I put the Boot disc that I got with my computer in and selected “start computer without Cd rom support” and it didnt say a THING at all. So I downloaded that boot file and saved it to a floppy. my computer says “Non systme boot disc” so I put in my boot disc. I selected option “Start computer with CDrom support” and lots of stuff comes up on the screen. Like in that install guide. So I try multiple ways of typing format under my cdrom and floppy and C drive. It still doesnt work.

you didnt do it right the floppy that is,you shouldnt download it to the floppy you should download it to your hard drive and run it then it will unpack itself to the floppy

Alright im tryin to do that and it says write error track 20… So I tried a different disc and then it said error track 70 head 0 then track 70 head 1. If I click ignore does it matter? Will I loose part of the file that I need?

yes it does matter it wont be able to copy certain files or part of files that way
you must use a good condition floppy ,anyway if you wont find such ill upload an image that youll be able to burn with nero that will have that 98se bootdisk on it

got it to load finally. Ill try to reformat again.

gee … i haven’t had a bad floppy for years … this really brings me back to the good ol days :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I finally got it reformatted. I used that driver program to back up my dirvers but it didnt back up my mothermoard driver. I have been trying to find the driver for it for a few min, but I cant seem to find it. It is a ASUS P2-99 mother board.

Thank you all for your help.