Where are Bluray and HD-DVD ROM drives?


i don’t think of buying a HD-DVD or Bluray Burner, but a drive which can read them would be very nice.

Is there any cheap drive on the market already?

Where’s your location? How much do you want to spend?

My location is Germany.
I already guess, that even ROM drives are expensive, but i didn’t even found i drive to get an impression of the price. I would hope, that they cost below 100€ or even below 50€.

Sorry I cannot remember the details, but one of the gaming systems (xbox, playstation etc) has an hd-dvd drive that is kind of cheap (compared to other drives) that can easily be modded to work with a computer. Maybe someone else knows more.

I think its the X-Box 360, 150 bucks for the addon.

ps3 got bluray,but it’s not cheap yet.

I just did a quick google. It would seem that all you need is modified drivers (avalable online), and playback software (probably have to buy it). this site shows pics of it torn apart, but thats just cause they wanted to. Fyi, I just quicklly googled this site,so if you get one, do a little research, I didn’t pick this site because I know it right, it was just first on a google.