Where am I going wrong?

First off, here’s the specs of everything involved:

Xbox version: 1.6 (softmodded)
Xbox dash: UnleashX 0.37 (also running XBMC 2.0)
Xbox drive: Samsung SDG-605F

FTP: FlashFXP 3.6
Utility: xISO 2.5 (command-line version)
Burner: Alcohol 120% 1.9.5
Drive: Samsung SH-S182D w/ firmware SB06 (latest)
Disc: Verbatim 4x DVD-R DL

So, I’m trying to backup my copy of Forza Motorsport (my other games soon to follow). Got all the files/folders off the disk via FTP, and made the image using xISO, which returned no errors and said that the image was created sucessfully…and PowerISO says it can’t read the directory structure when I try to open the 6.5gb image, as it should.

I then used Alcohol 120% to burn the image with the “Image Burning Wizard”, on the DVD DAO mode at “maximum” speed, which was 4x during burning. When I first tried to burn the image, I made the mistake of using a Philips DVD+R DL…and when I put it in, the xbox would say the disc drive was empty. Now with a Verbatim, UnleashX and XBMC both say it’s a data disc (yet neither display any files in the transfer screen), and the original Xbox dash says it can’t recognize it.

So where am I going wrong? I’d rather not keep making $3 coasters, so any pointers? From what I can find, my dvd burner with this version of firmware will bitset automatically and that I don’t need to worry about it…but if I do need to change it, how do I? (My Google skills seem to be failing me.) Should I use something other than xISO? Nero instead of Alcohol? I’ve been googling extensively and haven’t been able to figure out where I may have gone wrong.


P.S. - I’m on Windows XP SP3, and the hard drive the image was saved on is NTFS with plenty of space on it.

I have 1.6 XBOX , it’s hard to file the softmod source , can u provide the program and software to me and share your mod exprimse . thanks you lovedragon333@hotmail.com

Did you try Google?