Where 2 find PacketCD?



It seems that cdrsoft.net only has an update for packetCD by CEQuadrant - where can I find the full version? Bummer that Dividezero is now gone... :frowning:


i have the full version because i have the WinOnCD ISO. if you want only PacketCD, give me an account to upload it to, and i will do it! preferably something that supports FTP if you make the account…


That would be great - I will need to download it somewhere that supports resuming and such programs as GetRight, but I am not sure of any places which you can upload stuff and support this… anyone know? By the way how large is it?



hey, the zipped file i made is only about 1.5 MB, so not too big at all. and a place that supports resumable DLs and FTP upload is http://www.fortunecity.com/


I have an account - just email me and i will send you the name and pass…




that account is already dead, but i made a new one…grab packetcd here while the link is working: