Wher to find firmware GHR6 for an LTD-163D DVD-ROM

I checked the firmware page and was unable to download the firmware from there. There is a problem with the page. Can anyone tell me of another place to obtain the firmware GHR6 for my LTD-163D DVD-ROM? Thanks.


Yes, the links are dead.
Get it at my site, that’s what it’s there for :cool:

No they’re not.

They were dead earlier, there was also a post about it in the firmware forum.

I was hoping maybe Liteon removed them windows upgrader, they cause too much havoc.

Got mail today from a dude saying he not only lost his dvd but his harddrive too with the Windows upgrader(!)

Just downloaded and checked the GHR6.exe up. It’s the same one they’ve posted a month ago. Not a single byte changed.


Why would people want to flash their LiteOn DVD to JLMS DVD w/ region restriction when they can flash to LiteOn DVD region free w/ fw from Mango’s site? Weird.