When's the 1693s review coming?







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do ya know when’s the 1693s review coming?


I don’t but I’ll do some checking for you ;).

I can say that my 1693S is the best 3S drive I’ve had (thanks Pulsee), but it still needs work with some media, even some popular 16x media like MCC004…


thanks codeking


Yeah! I am also waiting for an 1693s review before I purchase my second 3s drive (or 5s drive??)


i thought the 1673s was the same ??? with just the -dl add to the firmware.


a native 1693s could perform better and as the firmware supports -r9 that can be tested, too.


Yes! My 1213s@1653s never give burn as good as a real 1653s.

Even hardware is similar, the manufacturing equipment/material may change slightly and give slightly different result. :smiley:


The 1693S is a great drive. I submitted my review to my editor earlier this week. I can’t give the review away, but I can tell you that it wrote very well on most of the media tested. I’ve pestered my editor, and told him several times that many folks are waiting to read a review on this model. I’ll be sure to post a link in the LiteOn forum. Thanks for your patience.


So liteon is doing something right now :slight_smile:


I think LiteOn is back on track with this drive (although one burn was a severe disappointment). My webmaster assures me that the review will be up this weekend. I’ll be sure to post a link to it in this forum. Overall, a very strong drive.



better than benq 1640 or lg 4163?


exactly what i was thinking


I haven’t had the opportunity to work directly with the LG or the Benq. I have never really been that impressed with the LG drives aside from its DVD-RAM support. The Benq is a great drive as I recall. The LiteOn is roughly tied with it overall. Of course, with the tools available, and the hard work done by folks in this forum, it tips the scale for the LiteOn in my mind.