Whenever I rip it I cannot get just the movie alone

Hi all,

Is anyone else having troubles ripping this movie? Well, not ripping it but extracting just the movie, whenever I rip it I cannot get just the movie alone, It has the directors comments and special effects within the movie.


ps. If I have written this before do excuse me… Dejavu you know… :bigsmile:

Using what software, what brand/model your drive is, and your machine specs would help :iagree:

No it rips fine for me :slight_smile:


when using DVDShrink I could only open up the 'extra’s" on the disk but it looks like it is working now that I am using “Ripit4me”

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[B][I]@doorpro:[/I][/B] it would certainly help if you told us what movie you’re talking about :wink:

Hi all,
In the beginning of the post i said that the movie is Dejavu but now i dont see it named anywhere however “Coathi” knew what i was talking about so i wonder what happened to the original title.
Oh well, no matter what I do the movie starts but then i get directors cuts mixed in with the movie, is anyone else getting this problem with this movie? I have tried all sorts of progrmas but to no avail and i am no newbie at this so i know that it’s not s hardware problem and i just figured that this was done to prevent ripping and copying.


DejaVu is one of those movies where Main Movie selects the wrong title (the longest one). The real movie is Title 1. Not sure of the exact problem you had, but you might want to give it another try selecting Title 1.


thank you very much for your help. I had just found out that I wasnt seeing Title 1 so i went back, made a few changes and then it worked.

Thank’s to all that helped,