Whenever i burn a DVD and play iit in my home or computer DVD player it FREEZES!

yo …rite now im currently using a NEC ND 3540A DVD-RW …u use Nero, i cant tell u which version it is but it came with the burner …my burner was workin fine for about 3months …after that whenever i burned a disk it froze in the middle of the picture and wont move …i tried all kinds of disk and the same problem .i also tried other burnin software like DVD-Fab …i tried burnin the DVD-video files instead of images …DVDs that dont require shrinkin are givin me tha same problems when i burn them 2 otha disk …i even changed the IDE cable …still nothing …any suggestions ?? …n e 1 gettin dis problem???

It sound like a media problem. What brand disks are you using?

im using Ridata …but i also used a no name brand …but same problem …

Please try with better media, TY, Verbatim, Fuji, Benq and some Sony would be a good start.

aite …i’ll try with the disk for a start then …and if that does work

if that doesnt work, you’ll have to get a new burner. :slight_smile: or try cleaning the lens :slight_smile:

I’ll add TDK, Plextor and HP to this list. All should give good burns in your drive. Not sure about the Benq discs, though, are you sure [B]Chef[/B]? :confused:

well …i realised i got a new problem …1 of my memory sticks were bad …i’ll check 2 see if thats the prob

well well well …the tried a TDK and my burner worked excellent
it burned in 6 minutes …whoopin …no stickin …well i guess …its classy dick for a classy burner …specials thanks 2 all who gave me advice …wish i could repay ya all …word 2mother fa real fa real …

lol …DISK**** …not dick

BENQs, with Daxon MID, not that bad. Just check a few of later reviews. :wink: