Whenever I back up my DVD's, the copies freeze

Whenever I back up my DVD’s, the copies freeze. I am currently using DVDfab v. beta 5 and dvd shrink v.3.2 to rip dvd’s and dvd cloner 3.4 to burn them. However almost every dvd I burn will freeze in certain spots. Sometimes the freeze is momentarily, sometimes not. My computer is a Dell Dimensions 3000, and the only drive info I can find is
HL-DT-ST DVD ± RW GWA4164B. Currently I have Imation media (have also used memorex and sony disks). So why can’t I burn a good copy that won’t freeze on me? Thanks in advance for any replies!


I would try using Verbatim to see if that helps (DVD-R or DVD+R).

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try some other ripping and burning groups, like using the RipIt4Me program with DVD Decrypter and then processing with Shrink and burning with ImgBurn. All free, by the way.

Does it happen on all your players?
I have a couple of stand alone players that don’t like -Rs much and freeze/get blocky towards the end.
I just use +Rs because of that.

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This problem is usually due to one of four things.
Poor media. Try using Verbatim or TY.
Burning too fast or too slow for the media you are using.
Poor compatability with your stand alone player.
Wrong media type. If your are using -R discs try using +R and set the booktype to ROM if possible. this can cure some of you incompatability issues with your DVD player. If you are using +R discs try -Rs.