Is a new update for cloneDVD2 coming out? :iagree: I know anydvd was just updated a few days ago. Thank you.


When are you gonna start a Thread with more then 1 word as the title


Hamp, you kill me…LOL

Updates will come as needed and your programs will automatically look for new stuff at all times and ask you if you want to download them.


So people come here for help, do nothing wrong and get picked on because of how the post is written? Great!

Thanks alot, Hamp. Really appreciate your help!!!


msmal wrote to my PM:

Is there a problem? I didn’t come to this board and post a question to get pulled apart by you.

I write one liners so that people will continue to open the message, not to piss you off. Didn’t think I was doing anything wrong here.

Thanks alot for your help and embarrassing me. I did purchase this program like everyone else and have questions from time to time that I would like addressed. Another member from another board referred me to here. So, please, in the future, do not respond to my posts and I will do the same for yours. Have a nice life!!!

Well let me apologize! I had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, I try and help when ever I can.

You are not the first and you will not be the last, to hear a joke about a post/thread made, once again I had no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings.

I do joke on here now and then, I think I even joked with the creator of CloneDVD more then once, it’s a forum.

My weak effort to make a joke here was to help you with getting help, if you create a Thread, make the title more self explanatory, Some people will not read every and anything posted.

Other will get use to your name and the 1 title question and just by pass it, and that person may have been the one who really knew the answer if you had posted the situation in the title.

From here I will just leave it alone!

Once again, Please forgive… :slight_smile:


Thank you. I accept your apology. :slight_smile:


Hamp is right. Posts with vague or one-word titles are extremely annoying. The point of a post’s title is to give readers an idea of what’s inside.


I agree also. The new version will be posted by someone. Also turn on the check for update feature.


actually there is no discrimination at CDFreaks we offer equal opportunity harrassment to everyone regardless of sex, race, creed or whether or not your post actually makes any sense or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, thats funny…

but you should be prepare to get a nasty note about being a funny person…

@ msmal

This place is a great site for information, Please lighten up… I have been to a site where the information for horrible but the jokes were the best…


Hamp, you’re a true gentleman. I think the OP was way too quick to take offense.


@ msmal
have a look at this link, and maybe you will see, noone is picking on you or trying to make you look bad

How my silly ways can help