When you remove audio streams?

When you remove audio streams then play the dvd in your home player if you press audio button on your remote you still see the names of the streams you removed (just no sound),

Is there anyway to get it to only show the remaining audio streams instead of all the names ??


It should not be displayed, if you removed. I would suggest checking thouroghly the chosen streams in the summary window before burning. If any removed ones are still present, roll back and uncheck them.

Hi alex thyl, im not sure you understand my question 100% , the audio stream has been removed but if i press the audio key on my remote control i can cycle through the names of the audio streams i removed Eg… french , german etc… but the track will not be there (just silent) but the name remains ?

I know what u meen, but I think the only way to remove them would be to do it manually. I have noticed this same thing before as well, but think you would need to rip the movie to HD, then edit the files with IFOEDIT or some sort of editing program to remove the extra text before compressing and writing to disc. Hope that helps.

This depends. If you preserve menus the behaviour is logical, as leaving the definition of the audio track in the ifo files ensures 100% compatibility if you select it through the audio menu of the DVD.
Without menu this should not happen (assuming you selected “Enable auto selection for removed streams” in CloneDVD preferences).

I have kept the menu but have removed buttons etc… to the streams i have removed so was wondering if there was a way to remove them streams all together but keep my modified menu ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If I understand you right you are removing the audio streams, preserving the menu, but you do not want the optional audio streams to appear when you view the menu.

That’s not possible with CloneDVD. If you keep the menu it will contain all the contents that was on the original even though the features are not present.
You will need to follow the suggestion Slinger07 made to get the results you are seeking.

Using AnyDVD and cloneDVD. How do I get rid of directors comentary

:o I do not know. It just did everything automatically but now when the movie starts it has directors comentary over the movie

@ bandit24,

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to identify and determine what the audio streams are in the CloneDVD software program. Refer to posting #6 comments.


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