When you guys say copy the contents of the CD to your HD.. What do You mean?



Do you mean just go into My computer and copy the contents of the CD-Rom drive to your hard drive or do you mean to put an image of the cd on your hard drive using your CD Burner. If this is the way you do it can you tell me how to do it.
I have Nero Version and Creative Labs 6424 burner.
I am not sure how to put an image of a CD on my harddrive using the burner.

Thanks guys…


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If they say “copy to HD” then it means copy to HD (the My computer stuff).
An image is one large file in wich all the data of a CD is written. That is kept on the harddisk, so you can burn multiple copies of it. How to make an image in Nero: I don’t know. I hardly use Nero. But it must be an option in some menu somewhere.


Hi, to make an image with Nero using the burner, first you have to select “Choose CD-Recorder” in the task bar, and choose the “Virtual Device”.

Then make a new CD-Copy, insert the CD you want to copy in the burner and click Write. It will ask you to where you want to store the image, be sure to have enough disk space.

Now to burn the image you have to select again “Choose CD-Recorder” and choose the burner. Then just “Open” the image, insert a blank CD and burn it.


you can also use blindread, a nice program that copies the hole contents of a cd to your Hard Disk and ignores errors and that kind of stuff. A very nice program.

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Copy contents to HD: Mostly used when you have an original protected CD. Then you copy the hole CD to your HD in a directory. Then you apply a crack in that directory on your HD. Finally you burn the contents of the directory to a CDR. You must use the original name of the CD or it won’t work.
If you copy from a copy, the CD is already cracked and than the best way for multiple copy is making an image on your HD.