When you are being watched



who watches,s the watchers.::iagree:


[QUOTE=crakerjack-1;2555284]who watches,s the watchers.::iagree:[/QUOTE]

They do… who are they you ask…well they are them. :confused: :bigsmile:


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They don’t have anything else to do so there’s always somebody watching and waiting as time goes by slowly and quietly just waiting ,watching and waiting and watching

                                      WAKE UP!


The Shadow knows
[B] mwahahaha [/B]




Looks like peeping Kitty


I was once being “watched”. I was in an extremely protracted lawsuit. I got so tired of the guy that I sneaked out the back of my house and into my car and then approached him. I chased him for 20 miles and cornered him on a dead end road (easy in Connecticut). I made him show me his papers and his drivers license. I then (through the help of my cousin State Trooper) got his home phone number and called him a few times. The local Police asked me to stop calling him and I said I wold if he stopped parking his car in front of my house. He did. He was quickly replaced by someone else. The new guy wasn’t so sneaky and even said “Hi!” to me. I like honest private investigators. I won the lawsuit. One of the largest paid out in a worker’s comp case in the State of Connecticut, at that time., even though it was in reality a pittance, considering what I lost (even cash wise, it was not much, don’t get hurt at work, it’s not worth it).

Moral is, don’t take any crap from anyone, unless they have a gun, then come up from behind them with yours, and like my wife says, if you whip it out, you better be prepared to use it.

P.S. LIBERTY MUTUAL is one of the most thieving, dishonest, backstabbing insurance companies in existence. They routinely try to engage judges with “Ex Parte” communication and will do whatever it takes to win, even thought they lost this time around. I even got Liberty’s lawyer fined $1000 a day by the Judge who settled my case, that was 7 days out of the lawyers pocket, Hoo-Rah! Know the law, I made the original Judge recuse himself from the case (something my lawyer missed).


[QUOTE=crakerjack-1;2555284]who watches,s the watchers.::iagree:[/QUOTE]


ok thought it was a watchtower thing ,MY Bad :bigsmile:


I’mSORRYdon’t watch and didn’t know it’s a show .So I state I don’t .