When WOPC Attacks



I’ve noticed that a lot of my quality media burns vastly better when WOPC is disabled. After a few textbook WOPC screwups I thought I’d share some observations and conclusions… here is exhibit no. 1: watch the speed drop instantly, and the jitter & PIE jump hugely. WOPC made a booboo here.


Turning WOPC off gives this result:


These results are pretty consistent, I burned these two within a half hour or so. This is stock firmware BTW. Same spindle of TYG02, same burner, and reasonably temperature-controlled. If anybody has more to add, please do! I’m experimenting with strategy swapping to improve my TY burns, but killing WOPC seems to give far better results so far.


When I had my benq 1620

I always found that my results were pretty bad if I turned of WOPC for any media, including TY … maybe I am just unlucky with drives/media.


Why not update to the latest firmware see if that improves anything.


Benq 1620 … my burner preference so far … FYI:

( TYG02 w/B7V9 ): PIE / PIF’s are lower (sometimes by 1/2) with WOPC off burning at 8x. Better on at 12x.

( YUDEN000 T02 w/B7V9 ): Better on at 8x. Haven’t tested 12x.

( YUDEN000 T02 @ T03 w/B7V9 ): Better OFF at 8x. Haven’t 12x.

( YUDEN000 T02 w/B7P9/B7T9/B7U9 ): They all don’t seem to like turning if off at 8x. :slight_smile:


From looking at the scans it seems riggits is using a 1625 LS burner not a 1620 but i could be wrong.


I’m using a 1620, I’ve used every firmware from B7P9 onwards, but I like the results of BBHA. B7T9 is my next choice. I burn thousands of DVDs and test nearly every one, so this is not a random choice. The Philips firmwares and HP firmwares (630/640) are OK, but I use BBHA the most.




another WOPC on example (rebooted, forgot to kill WOPC again :a ), you can see the f*ckup clearly:


and immediately afterwards, turned WOPC off:


So you cross-flashed to to BBHA, 1625’s firmware?


I did not know that was possible. How can this be done?


Yes. I cross-flashed back to B7V9 for those last two. Using WinDWflash and a CVT file, you can cross-flash to HP 630/640 or Philips (can’t remember model numbers) too. There’s a pretty decent selection of current firmwares that you can put on a BenQ DW1620 drive.


I find that the only way I can burn successfully on all of my available media is to turn off WOPC. I get the same results as you with my TYG02 (value-line). It starts off at 8x and then drops down to ~2-3X with a severe rise in PIE. My RitekG04 burns with great quality scans with WOPC on or off but the WOPC-on discs all have bad blocks. Maxell002 usually fails at the beginning resulting in a coaster if I don’t turn off WOPC.

WOPC sucks. :a


I leave WOPC off all the time, for over a year with my NEC 3500 ive had to watch the buffer dance and slow down the burntimes.
Now with qsuite i can turn that CRAP off on my 1640…never been happier!!


Why my 1625(BBHA) show the max write speed for TYG02 is 4X?