When will you upgrade to Win8.1?

A poll created by ChristineBCW (with a slight assist from Kerry56)

I assume that all Win8 users will migrate to Win8.1, or will they? And when? Immediately, or delay? Win8.1’s apparent RTM confusion isn’t the first RTM that’s had after-the-last minute changes (that’s why HP’s printer drivers didn’t work on Win95-B initially, but 2 months later, Microsoft re-inserted the original driver specs which HP used were re-installed onto B-disks). There have been other examples in other Win Disks, but never as big as a new (incorrect?) Driver Definition being used, and those were fixable by Win Updates.

Here are her original poll choices, but the polling mechanism will only allow 100 characters, so her descriptions wouldn’t fit. Thought you should see them anyway:

  1. I will install Win8.1 immediately upon its release. As Robert Duvall said, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!” Yessir, Mr. Houdini, Sir! Step this way to the bleeding edge!

  2. I will wait a month. The American Thanksgiving is held at the end of November, and I can drown my frustrations and perhaps escape the family by pretending the Win8.1 update is suddenly ‘critical’. Or when it flops, I can retreat back to the table for more dessert.

  3. I will wait more than a month. “If this machine blows up about Dec 10th, maybe I’ll have some great excuses to buy during Christmas bargain times. Of course, if I wait until that week after Christmas, all those will be even cheaper.”

I’ll be upgrading to Win 8.1 when it becomes officially available.
I’m happy with Win 8, and couldn’t care less about the re-appearance (broadly speaking) of the start menu.
I will use the ‘boot to desktop’ feature where I have all my regularly used application shortcuts.
I’m also interested in the new hardware support that Win 8.1 will bring.

I will be waiting for the next version of Windows and bypass W8 completely. I have tried to like W8 and gave it a couple of tries but ended up being frustrated. I can’t imagine using it on my work computer and not taking a big productivity hit.

I’ll use a daily-use Win8 machine for an immediate upgrade, but my criticals - no, I’ll wait a while.

I’ll be doing a Full-WipeOut-Reload on W8.1, too - I’ve never enjoyed any Upgrade From processes.

My daily-use Win8 machine has been getting more flakey as the weeks go on - all File Manager related, too - File MOVEs that don’t process quickly, COPYs that fail outright (left in “discovering” mode). I’d be fairly happy if that was a hardware issue but I’ll prefer to wipe the drives clean and start anew.

Win8.1 still prevents users from customization choices, and still delivers Ballmer’s myraid of unusable-for-me fonts, so I’m assured that infamous “Microsoft listens to users” approach has the same value as Ballmer’s preference in hair restoration products.

I haven’t tried Windows 8 so I won’t be updating it either.
Unless MS figures out some way to make Windows 8 the only OS that works.
Meaning MS figures out a way to disable all other OS’s made by MS or other.
I won’t ever even give it a trial.
So my answer is not in the poll.
Add "When you see the devil on ice skates."
To the poll.

Cholla, yes, a great 4th option! But I was just thinking of “Current Win8 users” with these three choices.

There is something for you, and the rest of us XP Users, that I want to ‘discover’ with Win8.1:
“What XP-era applications that run on Win 8.0 do not run on 8.1?”[/B] I’ll be focusing on those in the first week or so after loading Win8.1.

Wanna bet on the reappearing support of -VR mode? (Wha-? Three choices? You want three choices? And those would be - ? “Zero, Zilch, or Nada.” Ah yes…)

I’ll upgrade as soon as I can…just for the sake of it…:p:bigsmile:
As I have no real compliants about win 8 ATM…:bigsmile:

Your poll assumes I have Windows 8 (which I don’t), so I’m going with Cholla’s 4th option. I still have Windows XP systems (32bit and 64-bit) and I also have some Windows 7 systems (32bit and 64-bit). Once XP really goes EOL I may upgrade or migrate some to Windows 7 (I have 3 more Win 7 HP licenses).

[QUOTE=roadworker;2699400]As I have no real compliants about win 8 ATM…:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]Neither do I…

Since I don’t use it…


ATM i am fine with win7, i might test them for a couple of days and that all for now.
But I am seriously thinking about moving to linux, does all i need and it’s [B]free[/B].

[QUOTE=vroom;2699405]But I am seriously thinking about moving to linux, does all i need and it’s [B]free[/B].[/QUOTE]

You can run Linux under Hyper-V in windows 8…:p:bigsmile:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2699446]You can run Linux under Hyper-V in windows 8…:p:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

I think that i will avoid running it from win8 :bigsmile:

I already upgraded to windows 8.1 RTM pro from my technet account I like it better than the windows 8 pro.

As Cholla says, the devil on ice skates. Except I want the whole of hell on them as well.
I keep wasting my time trying 8 and it’s updates, I still cannot get on with it.
Perhaps 9 will be better, but I doubt it.
When 7 finally goes obsolete, I either won’t be on this earth any more or something better will have arrived. We will just have to wait and see.

I’ll update as soon as Microsoft allows me. I’m now on Windows 8 a couple of months and I still don’t really like it. I still hate the charms bar, and as I never ever use Metro it will be the first thing to disable when possible. I would be very happy when I only have to deal with Metro if I really want to and that it’s not forced upon me.

[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2699537]I still hate the charms bar, and as I never ever use Metro it will be the first thing to disable when possible.[/QUOTE]

Classic Start Menu–>settings–>Windows 8 settings–>“skip metro screen”–>check,“disable active corners”–>all–>check…:bigsmile::bigsmile:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2699539]Classic Start Menu–>settings–>Windows 8 settings–>“skip metro screen”–>check,“disable active corners”–>all–>check…:bigsmile::bigsmile:[/QUOTE]


I took the risk and downloaded the ISO file for the RTM version of Win 8.1
Burnt it to a DVD and erased my Win 8 pro SSD.
then installed a clean Windows 8.1 RTM with hack key supplied.
installation was perfect but now windows says “please activate”.
Guess what? you put in your “legal” windows 8 pro key, and presto it is activated.
having succeded in one PC I did 2 more, all are working great.
Did a"Winsat Formal" on each and found this :-

  1. a PC with Asus P8Z77-m mobo i7-3770 CPU Geforce GTX570 and 8G of DDR3-2400 ram.
    Gives CPU 8.3 Mem 8.3 Graphics 8.3 Gaming 8.3 Pri HD (SSD) 8.2
    Notebook 1 Asus G750Jx with i7-4700HQ GeForce® GTX 770M & 32G of DDR3-1600 ram.
    Gives CPU 8.1 Mem 8.1 Graphics 8.1 Gaming 8.1 Pri HD (SSD) 8.2
    Notebook 2 Asus G75Vx with i7 3630QM GeForce® GTX 670MX & 16G of DDR3-1600 ram.
    Gives CPU 8.1 Mem 8.1 Graphics 7.5 Gaming 7.5 Pri HD (SSD) 8.2
    for what it is worth IMHO, windows 8.1 boots faster than windows 8.
    runs faster than windows 8, and closes down faster than windows 8
    especially if you have UEFI bios.
    the Asus Notebook G750Jx boots in 3~4 seconds power button press to the desktop.
    the G75Vx boots in in 6~8 seconds and the standard PC in 11~13 seconds

Sounds great.
How about the in-os advertisements. ?..

Debro, I imagine those will be faster, too! [I](I’m really waiting until the firestorm over “always on” dies away because a larger one “always access to your charge cards” is implemented.) [/I]

Hubby’s group has put on a couple of W8.1-Downloads and are checking out their file-sizes and version numbers to see how they’ll stack up to the first Disc version that arrives.

Microsoft has delivered some reasonable commentary about this MSDN-TechNet reversion, and their forums are mostly back to their helpful status (as opposed to an occasional “man the ramparts!” sandbagging tactic). I suspect that, during Week 2 or 3, we’ll see some substantial WinUpdate quantities delivered, if not on Day 1 (Oct 18).