When will we hit the Two Millionth Post mark?



Try to guess when we will hit the Two Millionth Post mark!

Only 999,974 posts to go…


Start counting again.



If we count down the number of posts left to 2,000,000 in this thread we will get there much quicker.


How about NO!!! we don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we should…
999,902 (including this post)


Ok here’s a deal. If we reach 2,000,000 posts by the end of next year, i’ll post a nude pic :o of someone else.


LOL! But you do have “insurance” (aka, the “Delete Thread” command + long LR threads). :wink:


ROFL!!! :bigsmile: That was pretty good! Everybody reading this, HIGHLIGHT AFTER the embarrassed smiley and you’ll see the complete post is “…a nude pic… of someone else.” ROFL!!!

I may miss a lot of things and most technical things seem to elude me unless someone breaks them down for me step by step, but I sensed the “nude pic” was suspicious.

Anyway, if this forum started in 1997 and just got to 1 million, that seems very difficult to reach 2 million by the end of next year.


Who will the someone else be?

(most of the time when people say something with white text I realise after I quote them and it shows up)


Darn it :stuck_out_tongue: i was hoping no one would see the hidden text this soon.

i was hoping you might volunteer. :smiley:
I also heard Womble had something very big, now that might be worth viewing. :wink:


I think if I did post my nude picture this forum I would most likely be banned.

Now if Womble is happy to show us all his massive beast I think this forum would triple in hits.


Here we go again, I say Sep 12 2009.
But that’s way too long to find out who someone else, is! :sad:


Haha!!! Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Now how to I set up my account to auto-post to the big number thread every 16 seconds? :iagree:

Now Ben…if you were to post a nude pic…freaks would be shut down as a kiddie porn site. Very bad news… :doh: But we would probably pick up Pete Townshend as a member (Who?) :stuck_out_tongue:

and Michael Jackson… :disagree:


Hm. It took several years to have 1 million posts excluding deleted posts and reactions on news, reviews, etc., but the number of posts per day is increasing sometimes steadily sometimes dramatically. It might be possible to reach 2 million by 2006. More than 500 days left and already number of total posts per day is over 1,000. 1 million in 8 years is just about 10,000 posts per month which is a little over 300 posts per day and over half of the one million current posts were posted in the last 3 years. It’s only going to increase in my opinion as a lot more people than now are going to use DVD burners and DVD recorders and also HD devices will impact consumer markets even more in the next few years.




But Dee will post it in the hidden forum anyway so no good for the rest of us. :slight_smile:


Gonna have to start searching for that hidden forum now, to be ready for that special day!


By the time we get there, Dee-27 will probably be in her late 50s and I think interest in her nude pic will have fallen. Thats if we dont all post in the big number thread, post, post, post!


Be nice. :slight_smile:


Ok, all people who wish to see 50-60 year olds nude (that aren’t there own partner) please say now :stuck_out_tongue: