When will there be DVD+RW DL available?


is anything known about DVD+RW DL already? Especially interested in getting a BenQ drive that can do this, but any drive that can would be good. When will this be available to customers?



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dvd ram?

If you know the structure of an single layer DVD+/-RW, then you also know the answer.


so thats a big whopping no? lol

Given the DL price and the risk of making a coaster, I can understand if one is thinking about +RW DL.

However I think this thread is best in the Blank Media forum. The experts here will be able to address your question better. Thread moved.

From what I’ve read about -RW DL and +RW DL, -RW DL wins without doubt.

JVC has announced a dvd-rw dl a time ago. Here you’ve an article about that, it should come in spring 2006.

I am sure that DVD+RW DL is announced, I am simply not sure when it will come! :wink:

We also had to wait some time for high speed DVD-RAM (12x and 16x)… so I guess it should be ready in about 6 months - always add 6 months to any release.

And according to this article… at end of this year, link. :slight_smile:

None of nowdays DVD player will be able to play these disc anyway, so I don’t see any “need” for them right now.
And I think DVD-Forum is fully occupied with other DVD format’s specifications…

[I]Note, german is not my native language.[/I]

After i read some of the Mid Codes with the “Ala” Tool Media Speed Edit… I was really surprised too see DVD+RW 9 (Double Layer) Media! Have you seen this in other Firmwares too?

But have them ever have been sold?

Oh didn’t see you meant +RW DL
Never Seen them

Never saw in Germany any DVD DL RW media :\

And I have in mind that newer Liteon drives don´t even suppport them

The DVD±RW DL media have most likely never been more than a vaporware (like HD DVD-RAM, QL BD-R and other obscure optical media formats).

In Europe even 12x DVD-RAM were vaporware :wink: