When will there be DVD+RW DL available?




is anything known about DVD+RW DL already? Especially interested in getting a BenQ drive that can do this, but any drive that can would be good. When will this be available to customers?




dvd ram?


If you know the structure of an single layer DVD+/-RW, then you also know the answer.



so thats a big whopping no? lol


Given the DL price and the risk of making a coaster, I can understand if one is thinking about +RW DL.

However I think this thread is best in the Blank Media forum. The experts here will be able to address your question better. Thread moved.


From what I’ve read about -RW DL and +RW DL, -RW DL wins without doubt.


JVC has announced a dvd-rw dl a time ago. Here you’ve an article about that, it should come in spring 2006.


I am sure that DVD+RW DL is announced, I am simply not sure when it will come! :wink:


We also had to wait some time for high speed DVD-RAM (12x and 16x)… so I guess it should be ready in about 6 months - always add 6 months to any release.


And according to this article… at end of this year, link. :slight_smile:

None of nowdays DVD player will be able to play these disc anyway, so I don’t see any “need” for them right now.
And I think DVD-Forum is fully occupied with other DVD format’s specifications…

[I]Note, german is not my native language.[/I]


After i read some of the Mid Codes with the “Ala” Tool Media Speed Edit… I was really surprised too see DVD+RW 9 (Double Layer) Media! Have you seen this in other Firmwares too?

But have them ever have been sold?


Oh didn’t see you meant +RW DL
Never Seen them


Never saw in Germany any DVD DL RW media :\

And I have in mind that newer Liteon drives don´t even suppport them


The DVD±RW DL media have most likely never been more than a vaporware (like HD DVD-RAM, QL BD-R and other obscure optical media formats).


In Europe even 12x DVD-RAM were vaporware :wink: