When Will the Next Version of DVDFab Plat. Be Released?

Just wondering when the next version of DVDFab Platinum will be released. It’s frustrating not being able to do AVIs or MP4s. (Audio/Video out of sync.)

Please have patience yet. Good work takes time. You can do it so long with an older version taste. Or try rip to HD and then from HD to AVI/mp4…


Patience I have, as i said I was just wondering. Which older version would you recommend?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found and it works. Thanks anyway.

FYI is out as of Oct 10
I do not know if it has the audio
problems you described or not

Your problem, if it can be dupicated is being worked on, please have patience, the authors work day and night trying to make this program the best. It will be sorted soon.:iagree:

Hi CDRipper,
English Unfortunately, not my mother tongue. Please excuse. I think it is not guaranteed evil… (Sorry, that was a google-translation, please do not understand wrong. Thanks)