When will the benq1625 have the overspeed function?

Benq 1640 had the BSKB,added the soildburn and overspeed function, and what can I wait for the 1625? :sad:

1625 will never have solidburn, as for over-speeding well it could have the same type of selective over speeding media that the 1620 has but its up to BenQ to implement that and so far no-one has dropped any hints that something like that is going to happen any time soon or even at all.

There is always MCSE but yes it is a pity they have not updated the 1625 to match the 1620 in terms of media write speed support & over-speeding :frowning: .

Shoot, Forget Overspeeding how about just being able to Burn 16X on 16X media. My 1625 burns everything at 8X. I would like to get that corrected first.

I have been having similar problems and having been using mediacodespeededit to overcome them/


Please tell me what media you have gotten to write at 16X. I have used almost every possible Strat Swap with MCSE and my 16X +R Media and not one will Write at 16X. I have tried with WOPC turned off too.

Could you post some Scans??? Even better what swaps have you done that let you write at 16X?

Thanks in andvance.