When will the 1653 be available (in U.S.)?

Any idea? Doesn’t seem to make sense to get a 1633 now.

No - wait for the new triple layer to come out soon :slight_smile:

I’m sticking to my good old 811S it does quality burns (at least for me :smiley: )

The prices for dual layer media is skyrocket high for now so it’s overkill ! It’s much cheaper to get 2 blanks even 10 for the price :slight_smile:

When prices for dual layer media drop and compatibility across standalone is improved then I’d buy a DL drive.

Also I heard a lot of crap reviews about the new liteon dual layer burners in terms of writing quality which is worse than 811/832 and later models for single layer, and average to poor for dual layer - so I’m holding back!