When will Plextor introduce 16x DVD writer?

As a estimation/guess, do you think when Plextor will introduce 16x DVD writer?

As long as their 12x writer is quicker than other 16x devices they have no need to hurry! :slight_smile:

16X DVD Dual driver will be named “PX-716A"and"PX-716UF”…

PLEXTOR’s 16X driver will support Dual layer DVD+R disc

And it maybe support a new technology——an excellent technology——but now it can’t be published ,it is currently under construction,I can’t ensure that whether it will be used in the 716A :wink:

PS:It seems that every new model of PLEXTOR driver will always add some new technology such as

CD:2410TA>4012TA(Black tray,PoweRec II+VariRec)>4824TA(PCAV mode)>Premium

DVD:504A>708A(8X DVD Dual recording+PoweRec+VariRec-4~+4)>712A(Q check,VariRec@DVD and so on…)

What will happen at 716A? It’s a secret for the moment. :wink:

It will be okay to bring out a new product after producing a good firmware for 712 that produces REAL quality burns not just DVDs that are just as good as those done with a liteon.

I agree… :wink:

So what will this be, improve burn quality to equal it’s half priced competition?

Thought the x12 dvdr burner produced excellent burns on all but Ritek - how is the cheap Liteon with less warranty and support better?

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